Our Services

Our Services

Brickstone Consultancy is a Singapore-based company that provides management consulting services and strategic networking opportunities in various emerging markets via human centric and technological approaches. We specialize in customized management solutions and localized insights for business seeking growth opportunities in emerging markets through curated and premier networking events. Our teams work closely with senior management by offering sound and practical advice in the planning and execution of their strategies. In Brickstone, our mission is to bring together the right people, to establish powerful networks that create value for our clients. With us, deal-making is now simplified.

  • Deals Origination

    Over the years, we have built a solid base in deals origination, working with partners in corporate advisory firms and leveraging on an extensive network of contacts and deal-making know-hows. With a proven track record, we have access to various funds and High Net Worths (HNWs) for business financing and expansion needs, loans and equity injections.

  • Deal Matching

    Utilizing proprietary algorithm to filter and match-make brokers with deals and funds, the tech start-up arm of Brickstone, Brokr App is an innovative platform for deals aggregation, structuring and matching. Positioned as a social app, it creates a dynamic environment where brokers, deals and funds interact and match deals on a global landscape.

  • Management Consulting

    Our management consulting arm provides independent consulting advices to validate business plans, conduct financial feasibility studies and market readiness research for entry into emerging markets. We also consult traditional business owners in digitising their businesses via website branding and mobile app development while concurrently engage relevant entities for funds and government subsidies.

  • Brickstone Academy

    At Brickstone, we believe in constant upgrading and continuous learning for all our brokers and business partners, hence we regularly conduct educational and networking events to strengthen the domain, market and process knowledge of business owners and independent brokers/deal-makers.

  • Brickstone Travel

    With a one-stop itinerary planning platform for overseas market readiness trips to facilitate business-matching and familiarizaion of local markets, we help new ventures to better assimilate into the local business community and understanding of business cultures.

  • Brickstone Lifestyle

    Brickstone Lifestyle offers our brokers and clients exlcusive invites to curated lifestyle events, usually reserved for distinguished guests. Partnering well-known luxury brands from healthcare, travel, hospitality, to consumer discretionary sector, deal-making is now more than just business, it's about enjoying the finest things in life.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

-  Milton Berne  -